Relationship Counseling

Relationships are the framework of our lives. So it is not surprising that difficulties in relationships are the reason that people most often seek professional help. Moreover, communication problems are most frequently cited as the reason for relationship counseling.

In romantic relationships, the “honeymoon period” often leads people to hope (if not believe!) that these good feelings will last forever. However, it is normal for those early feelings of infatuation and excitement to wane as we settle into the deeper work of building a loving and intimate relationship.

Relationships go through cycles. There may be periods in which we feel deeply connected to another person, followed by a time of feeling more distant. Part of developing strong and healthy relationships is understanding and weathering these ups and downs together. Sometimes, however, we are not prepared for the challenges that our relationships bring, or the life events that can strain them.

When couples find themselves arguing about the same issues again and again, or avoiding talking about important issues in their relationship, it is often time to seek professional help. It is important to do so before hurts and resentments build to the point where the damage is irreparable. The sooner that they begin to talk about and recognize the triggers and blocks that are affecting them, the greater the chance that they will not only resolve their concerns but improve their relationship in ways they had not even expected.

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