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Compassion in Action

As therapists, we are committed to holistic therapeutic approaches that respect and empower our clients. Our goal is to help each client discover and develop their own inner resources and capacity for healing and growth.

Who We Work With

As holistic practitioners, we work with the entire person, honoring the mind, body, and soul. We use a respectful and collaborative approach and utilize a variety of treatment methods. We provide therapy services to adults, adolescents, families and couples in the Atlanta area, and throughout the state of Georgia.

Our Areas of Focus

There is a broad range of challenges that bring people to therapy. Below we have included the most typical of these; however, this list is nowhere near exhaustive. If you do not relate to any of these areas of focus and are wondering if one of our therapists can help you to address your concerns, please feel free to send an inquiry through our Contact Us page.

How We Work

Traditional talk therapy forms the foundation of the work offered by each of our therapists. In addition, the following is a non-exhaustive list of additional or more specific approaches that may also be incorporated into the work you and your therapist create together.

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