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Marital (and/or Premarital Therapy) is a type of therapy which focuses on helping couples achieve better communication, increase trust and enhance intimacy. Marital therapy can help to clarify feelings about your relationship and how you feel about your partner. It can also help to resolve smaller issues within a relationship before they become too entrenched.

Understanding how to communicate with each other and how to resolve issues is a major focus of marital (or premarital) therapy. Other areas of focus include increasing connection, deepening intimacy, dealing with life changes such as having a baby, empty nesting or loss of job, and infidelity.

Marital therapy is typically a short-term solution based type of therapy that can take place every week or every other week depending on the couples’ needs. It is for anyone in a committed relationship who needs support. It can be helpful for those who are dating, newly weds or those who have been married for years.

Therapists Who Specialize in Marital / Premarital Therapy

Lisa Anyan Smith | Ph.D.
Lisa Anyan Smith
Hunter Sandifer | LPC
Hunter Sandifer
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