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Karuna Counseling | Decatur, Georgia

“Compassion in action.”

That’s the Sanskrit meaning of our name. Karuna Counseling holds you with compassion, wherever you are in your healing journey.

We hear you. We’re here for you.

. . . That’s Who We Are.

We have a commitment to bringing Karuna’s intent of “compassion in action” into the therapy room. We believe that compassion – including self-compassion – is an essential component to healing and growth.

We are committed to holistic therapeutic approaches that respect and empower our clients. By looking at the “whole” of a person, we are able to observe how individual systems influence one another.

We share a deep awareness of the personal impact of culture, class, race, gender and gender identity, physical ability, sexual orientation, and spirituality.

You Might Be . . .

. . . Facing hard decisions. Ready to emerge. Dealing with trauma.

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve likely come here because things are just hard and you realize you could use some help cultivating new resources (both inside of you and maybe out in the world). Perhaps you are healing recent or old relational or emotional wounds or shifting interpersonal patterns that are not serving you. Maybe you are considering or already going through some major life transition. Or perhaps you are just needing to talk with someone to help you understand – really hear yourself, maybe for the first time – what it is that you need right now.

We know that it might feel scary to be here right now. And we’re really glad you’re here.

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