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EFT/Tapping is a quick and easy method for relieving various types of distress, from the more everyday (aggravation, worry, insecurity, overwhelm) to the more major (grief, phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). EFT is a technique that a client does to themselves – lightly tapping on a series of their own acupressure points while keeping in mind the issue of concern. Relief can be experienced in just a few minutes. Once a client practices this technique with their therapist, the client can use it on their own as often as needed.

While EFT/Tapping is a simple method to use, it has been validated through research as an evidence-based treatment. EFT/tapping is a technique that involves a client’s emotions, mind, and body and therefore, can be much more powerful than therapies that are limited to only one of these areas.

The efficacy of EFT is not fully understood. While it originated from the field of Energy Psychology and is believed to help eliminate blocked energy (or chi) in the body, it may also be effective as a desensitizing or exposure technique. Recent discoveries in neuroscience have also shown that keeping an experience in mind while staying fully physically present is transformative in the healing process. It may well be that EFT works on a variety of levels.

While we don’t know the absolute answer to why EFT works, we do know that it works for many clients. The fact that one can use it on their own in just a few minutes makes it an especially rare and promising method of healing.

Therapists Who Specialize in EFT/Tapping

Molly Keeton Parnell | Ph.D.
Molly Keeton Parnell
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