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Individual therapy is a type of mental healthcare when an individual meets 1:1 with a trained therapist. This can be in-person or virtual through the form of telehealth. Individual therapy can support an individual as they talk about and work through their thoughts, concerns, and emotions. Our Karuna therapists have years of hands-on experience and stay up to date with current research and techniques.

Some important aspects of individual therapy:

  • personalized to you and what you’re working on
  • safe environment to build a connection with your therapist. Having a good “fit” with your therapist will make it easier to be vulnerable and speak openly. Research indicates that having a strong alliance with your therapist is a key component of successful therapy
  • private and confidential, upholding HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards

Therapists Who Specialize in Individual Therapy

Valarie Smith | LCSW
Valarie Smith
Nyambura Kihato | LPC
Nyambura Kihato
Molly Keeton Parnell | Ph.D.
Molly Keeton Parnell
Melissa Kulick | Ph.D.
Melissa Kulick
Lisa Anyan Smith | Ph.D.
Lisa Anyan Smith
Hunter Sandifer | LPC
Hunter Sandifer
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