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Melissa Kulick | Ph.D.

Pronouns: they/them


“Real healing can begin only when we finally learn to be present in the places where we have been absent.”
— John Wellwood

Who would you be if you believed you actually could? If you knew you already are?

My approach to therapy centers on the belief that “healing is making whole.” Whether dealing with issues of addiction, depression and anxiety, self-knowledge and self-worth, sexual orientation and gender identity, trauma or relationship concerns, attention is, therefore, given to the whole of the individual – heart, mind, body and soul.

So many of us feel stuck, repeating patterns of behavior we consciously experience a desire to let go of. What keeps us doing what we believe we don’t want to do is that we are disconnected from the places within us where our actions come from. In my work with clients I care most about helping others uncover their truth – without judgment. I see psychotherapy as an invitation and permission to reveal, explore and practice embodying the wholeness of who we are, in order to develop a greater sense of fullness, choice and empowerment in our lives. And I very much see psychotherapy as a partnership and a journey, one which I am repeatedly humbled and grateful to be allowed to accompany others on.

In addition, as a certified yoga instructor, the teachings of Classical Yoga inform my psychotherapy work with both individuals and couples. Yoga “on the mat” may be a possible element of our work for interested clients, but more often this takes the form of our exploring how to live and practice the principles of yoga “off the mat.”

What Inspires Me

Snake symbolism

The Snake
Snake symbology can be found across many traditions. I resonate strongly with First Peoples’ recognition of the snake as a representation of transformation and creation; the shifting and raising of our ability to connect with higher levels of mind and spirit. In Indian and yogic traditions, snakes (or nagas, as they are called) are also viewed as fierce and loyal protectors of our path.

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