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Melissa Kulick | Ph.D.
Photo: GreenForce Staffing/

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are now at the time of the Vernal Equinox, the coming of Spring. In Earth/nature-centered traditions, it is also called Ostara.

This burgeoning of Spring can be a potent, literally fertile time. The Earth and ethers are ripe for the planting of seeds, be they in the actual Earth or in our hearts, minds or bodies. These seeds might take the form of learning/beginning a new hobby or skill, a new or rekindled personal practice (like daily meditation or drinking more water each day), getting back to the gym or walking, doing the research or legwork for a new business idea, etc.

Perhaps most importantly, it is a time for sowing seeds of intention. And this invites – requires, even – us to take the time to stop, get quiet, turn inward, and ask ourselves both what we most want to create or manifest for ourselves AND what is realistic to ask or expect of ourselves at this time. It could well be that what you are most wanting/needing to plant the seeds and tend the soil for is more space for rest.

And, if even the thought of taking on the introspection, much less action, of sowing feels overwhelming or inaccessible to you right now, then I hope you can allow yourself to inhale a conscious breath, receive this planting of the seed of self-compassion, and exhale permission to be as you are.

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