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Change is a necessary part of life and can be thought of as beginnings and endings. With each change there’s a transition that takes place – a bridge, of sorts – from what was to what is now. Sometimes change happens to us and sometimes we choose to make changes. In both cases, we experience a transition, and we must remember that transitions are inevitably stressful.

These changes may be small and occur so often that we forget that the experience is actually a transition (leaving home and arriving elsewhere, being inside and then outside). Bigger transitions are often more noticeable and may have more accompanying emotions.

Some examples include:

  • A job or career change
  • Marriage or beginning a relationship
  • Divorce or ending a relationship
  • Expanding your family by having children or adoption
  • Death of a loved one
  • Graduation

Even if the change is one we’ve sought out or initiated, they are still transitions to different, sometimes new and unknown, ways of being or feeling. These life changes and transitions are often a place we can experience personal growth. Being present to ourselves and our emotions throughout these transitions often bring greater understanding and insight.

Therapists Who Specialize in Life Transitions

Valarie Smith | LCSW
Valarie Smith
Nyambura Kihato | LPC
Nyambura Kihato
Molly Keeton Parnell | Ph.D.
Molly Keeton Parnell
Melissa Kulick | Ph.D.
Melissa Kulick
Lisa Anyan Smith | Ph.D.
Lisa Anyan Smith
Hunter Sandifer | LPC
Hunter Sandifer
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