Last year marked 40 years of service
to the Atlanta community!
As we move into another decade, Karuna bids farewell to one therapist and welcomes two more.  We say goodbye to Elizabeth Eiland Figeroa, LMSW and extend our gratitude for her heartfelt service and wish her well in her future.
We also extend a warm welcome to Elizabeth Edge, LCSW, CSAT and Laura McNulty, LMFT and look forward to their presence and practice at Karuna. 
Elizabeth Edge, LCSW, CSAT

Elizabeth Edge, LCSW, CSAT  

Laura McNulty, LMFT

Laura McNulty, LMFT

Karuna Counseling therapists are committed to holistic therapeutic approaches that respect and empower our clients. Our goal is to help each client discover and develop her or his own inner resources and capacity for healing and growth.

Karuna Counseling is committed to ensuring sensitivity to our clients on issues of cultural, racial, and sexual diversity. All of our therapists, regardless of theoretical orientation, share a deep awareness of the personal impact of culture, class, race, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation and spirituality.

As holistic practitioners we work with the entire person, honoring the mind, body, and soul. We use a respectful and collaborative approach and utilize a variety of treatment methods. These may include active listening, humor, writing, reading, role-play, and visualization. At times we may also use body-centered techniques, breathing, movement, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing), and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).



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