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Practicing Yoga Off the Mat

by Dr. Melissa Kulick, Ph.D., RYT While the physical practices of yoga have enjoyed increased popularity in the west over the past several decades, yoga is, in fact, an ancient philosophy and spiritual approach to being.  The word “yoga” comes … Continue reading

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Questions for Reflection at the End of the Year

by Claire N. Scott, Ph.D.  As 2008 is nearing its end, it is a good opportunity to take time out to reflect on the year just past, remembering and considering all the things it held for us.  The questions that … Continue reading

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12 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

by Claire N. Scott, Ph.D. There are literally hundreds of books on how to improve relationships. Relationship difficulties are the most often cited reason that people decide to come into therapy. While relationships are one of the most rewarding things … Continue reading

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Allowing Animals into our Awareness

by Metta Sweet Johnson, LCSW, MAT Imagine for a moment this Earth without animals.  Forests, oceans and rivers, sky, plains and caves, empty of all the creatures that inhabit them.  No songs of birds, nor chirping crickets, nor barks of … Continue reading

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