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These articles are written or referenced by Melissa Kulick, Ph.D.

Addiction and the Craving for Wholeness

  By Melissa Kulick, Ph.D., RYT And You? When will you begin that long journey into Yourself? – Rumi Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is … Continue reading

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by Melissa Kulick, Ph.D. If the topic of this article has caught your attention, I’d go ahead and read it now if I were you.  For most people who identify themselves as procrastinators, deciding to come back to it later  … Continue reading

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Practicing Yoga Off the Mat

by Dr. Melissa Kulick, Ph.D., RYT While the physical practices of yoga have enjoyed increased popularity in the west over the past several decades, yoga is, in fact, an ancient philosophy and spiritual approach to being.  The word “yoga” comes … Continue reading

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The Truth About Anger

By Dr. Melissa Kulick, PhD, RYT Though so many of us fear it and judge it negatively, both in ourselves and in others, anger is a normal human emotion.  It does, in fact, serve a purpose, as do all emotions.   … Continue reading

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