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Book review: The Mindful Way Through Anxiety: Break Free from Chronic Worry and Reclaim Your Life, by Susan M. Orsillo, Ph.D., and Lizabeth Roemer, Ph.D.

A book review by Lisa Anyan Smith We live in a stressful world.  Anxiety is a part of the human condition. Many people complain of feelings of anxiousness, ranging from occasional mild worrying to full-blown anxiety disorders such as Generalized … Continue reading

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by Melissa Kulick, Ph.D. If the topic of this article has caught your attention, I’d go ahead and read it now if I were you.  For most people who identify themselves as procrastinators, deciding to come back to it later  … Continue reading

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Managing Anxiety and Depression Using Diet, Nutritional Supplements and SAM-e

by Darby Christopher, LMSW Please note: This article should not be taken as advice for how to treat any particular condition. Individuals should always consult with their doctor before making any lifestyle or dietary changes, as some natural substances are … Continue reading

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Holiday Bill of Rights – Part 2

The holidays can be fun, but they also can be a source of great stress — and no wonder. The holidays are often depicted as a magical time when people reconcile and dreams come true. How Can You Deal With … Continue reading

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Handling the a New Way

By Molly Keeton, Ph.D.& Andrea Schrage, MA, LAPC,CMT The time is, festivities, and family. This can be a combination for fun or it can be a recipe for the blues. The following is a few ideas for shifting the … Continue reading

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