Metta Sweet Edge, LCSW, MAT

Metta Sweet Edge, LCSW

Metta Sweet Edge, LCSW

To me, choosing to process one’s personal life cares and challenges in therapy is a great gift of opportunity to oneself. An opportunity to heal from the past by increasing understanding of it and gleaning from it the gems that it holds. An opportunity to break long-held rigid patterns born of that past and to start consciously creating new, flexible ones. An opportunity to hold hope for a future free from the past that makes the present a time of freedom and choice.

Whether you are facing life challenges such as relationship problems, addiction, career concerns, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, health issues, and/or spiritual exploration, you can move through them with more elegance and ease–and, in return, experience more of who you truly are.

My approach is holistic–holding mind, body, emotions, and spirit equally–strength-based, intuitive, and integrative, drawing together humanistic, psychodynamic, systems, and transpersonal approaches. I help people work toward a future that surpasses their prior experience. I partner with clients to realize and make real their own empowerment, ultimately to create more fulfilling lives for themselves.

Depending on client need, interest, and choice, our sessions may also include and draw from: personality drive integration (using a tool called the Enneagram), art therapy techniques, spiritual exploration, shadow work, meditation/visualization, EMDR, EFT, and energy psychology.

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