Frequently Asked Questions

Can therapy be helpful to me?

Choosing to get professional support is a significant decision and an important step in increasing overall well-being and life satisfaction. The reasons for starting therapy vary greatly. They can include life transitions, sadness or worry, relationship difficulties, old patterns, low self-esteem, spiritual crises, increased self-awareness, and grief. Therapy is also helpful for specific concerns such as anxiety, depression, gender identity, trauma, abuse, sexual orientation, and addiction.

How does therapy work?

Therapy begins by taking a look at your life, relationships, and general mood to evaluate areas that you may want to focus on or shift. Your first appointment will include a questionnaire about your history, which also may guide you in establishing therapy goals.

Therapy works on many levels. You may notice some relief by simply having a supportive space to explore your concerns, feelings, or needs. Therapy also may lead to behavioral changes, such as improved communication or self-care. Finally, with deeper healing, old patterns evolve into new and healthier life choices and greater fulfillment.

How do I begin?

You may peruse our website for more information about Karuna and our therapists, and send us a message through the website. You may also leave a message at 404.321.4307 and a clinician will assist you promptly.

How often do I go to therapy?

Most clients begin with weekly sessions. You and your therapist will decide together how often and how long you will continue therapy. This may range from a few sessions to longer-term therapy (over a year), depending on your unique history, experiences, and goals.

How much does it cost?

In Atlanta, the standard fee for therapy typically ranges from $110 – $175 per 50-minute session. At Karuna, our average full fee is $140. However, as part of our commitment to the community, each therapist maintains a number of reduced fees slots depending on need and availability. Karuna accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash, checks, and some insurance coverage.  We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.

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